About Save All Images

+ Our tool is an web-app that help users to save images from websites that they visit and want to save it to their computer. In another way to describe, It is basically a tool, computer software to help user saving time while download images - instead of Right click to images and choose Save As... in the normal way.
+ We will call a request to the site's url address (given by users while using our tool), begin to look for the images on that page, get all the images from that site to our tool then allow user to save it at once.


+ Save All Images is not a hacking tool.
+ It does not assist in saving images of websites that are not shared by the websites.
+ It does not assist in any purposes beside helping users saving time on downloading images shared by the websites and the site's owners.
+ Hacking is illegal.

Copyrighted contents(images) and restrictions:

+ By using our tool to get images from 3rd websites, you(users) must acknowledged the contents(images) you are getting is not copyrighted and is not restriction for personal usage by any mean.
+ You must look for any information about the rights to use images on the website you are getting images or contact the website owners before saving images from their sites.
+ Save All Images is not designed for any ill-legal or harmful activities to you or the websites you are getting images and we shall not be held responsible or liable for anything, any loss, damage suffered by you or the third-party(websites you are getting images) as a result of using our tools.

Third-party websites right to restrict access:

+ As third-party websites owner, you has the right to refuse our tool to work and getting images from your sites.
+ Please contact us if you don't want users to getting your site's images by using our tool, we will put a restriction to our tool from calling your sites immediately. However, you have to prove us you are the site's owner or has the rights to it.