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+ Instead of Right click to images and choose Save As... in the old school way, lets Save All Image tool helps you to quickly save images from your favorite websites.
+ The tool will help you to SAVE A LOT of TIME.

Just paste the site url/link that has images and lets the tool take care of everything!

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If the web tool does not seem to return the right images, please try to use our Save All Images Chrome Extension for better result.
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You can also click on images to have a quick preview and save it as you wish.
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        The Dumby Car tries to achieve his lifetime goals. He never gives up so do you?

        Dumby Car


        1. Is there a way to get all of a products variants like different images of the product with various colors and design? I use the extension for chrome but it does not seem to do that. IS this something that can be done as a premium member?

        2. hey, premium user here…

          will you be added a MINIMUM filesize to DL/able images?

          right now when im scanning a page, im often getting the max resolution versions of images, or related images (that arent the images i linked at all, but related i.e click on them to get to someones photo album)

          i want to mass download a whole bunch of icons to use as well – the main reason is to use them (personally) as actual .ICO files as well as things like emoji for personal use from sites where people have things such as themed avatars or no-right-click which is annoying to get around when you wanna rip 500+ thumbnail sized images.

          i like your addon a lot so far but any way i can somehow customize this… or it will be added as a feature ? perhaps specify exact dimensions, or exact image type, i.e only images between 50 and 60 pixels in w/h or in GIF format?



        3. Hi,

          I want to donwload pictures from a site which is protected with userid/password. I have a valid membership for this site.
          When I copy the URL from a page (I’m logged in as a member on this site) to the saveallimages page the result is I only see the images of the login page. So I’d like to know if you can add userid/password info to saveallimages

          Thank you

        4. We just launched our Patreon page today, it allows paypal and other payment methods for you to support us. You will get Premium access after that.
          Can you try and tell us what do you think about it? Thank you 🙂

        5. I am at least 90% certain that I have Chrome set to allow JavaScript and Cookies yet I keep getting the error page telling me to change the settings. I’m signed in as a premium big puba if that matters 🙂 Is there anything I should be checking? I’ve been using SAI in this account on this computer for a few weeks without any similar problem.

        6. thanks for what you doing to help us , but it’s still need some work to be the best on web, for example i can’t download specific images in a site , cause when i paste here , start downloading adds pictures and things dont wanted, then start download the intended and that time all be hidden, anyway we appreciate all what you do
          special thanks
          and best regards for staff work

          • Sorry to say that what you described above is a bit hard to understand. I will try to understand it as:
            + You pasted the site url
            + The process began and in the meantime your specific images was gone?
            If it’s the case, I suggest you to use our chrome extension to save images. It will capture the web state and all the images present at that time and makes the result more correctly

        7. I tried using this and have the premium account, and i want to save all images but have no idea where the zip file shows up at when I run it. What am I doing wrong? I don’t see checkboxes next to images when I preview, so i ran it without preview and it does not create a zip file.

          • After the result completely display on the screen, the loading will change to a green button labeled “Save All Images” – clicking on it will move you to next page where the zip file will be downloaded, a confirmation will appear to ask you to download the file.
            When you do “Save All Images without Preview” – whole processes above will be done automatically, you still need to accept the confirmation to download the file though.

        8. The images extracted from the zip file are only like 10-12kb and terrible quality. How do I get the original image size? On the site these are large, beautiful photos. When I save them from the site or the chrome extension, all I get are tiny ~10kb versions of the original. I’m a premium member.

          • Each website has their own way to serve images, our tool is designed to work on most popular structures among them.
            If that website is not in the cases, the tool would simply failed and there is no tip at all. Sorry about that 🙂